How do I select a mission in SpyClass?

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2015 06:25PM AEST

Containing the comic strip story and interactive maths tasks, the MISSIONS tab on the Main Menu allows you to navigate through all the missions in the SpyClass games. Each mission contains the comic strip story and links to the interactive maths learning objects.

The Main Menu includes five menu tabs:

  1. Select the ALERTS tab to access your Alerts inbox for receiving communication from the Office of the Director.

  2. The initial screen of the game, the BRIEFING tab gives you the option to watch (or REPLAY) the game's Introduction video or PROCEED to playing the game.

  3. On the MISSIONS tab, you can select which mission (chapter) you would like to play.

  4. Select the PROFILE tab to view your results for each learning object in each mission. It also shows you all of the reward items (Attributes, Inventory, and Personnel files) that you have collected throughout the game.

  5. Select the HELP tab to view game navigation help.

  6. Select the REPORTS button to generate and print both student (game data) and teacher reports (mathematics data) for individual missions or for the entire game.

  7. Locate the mission that you would like to play by dragging the Mission thumbnails OR

  8. Alternatively, by ​selecting the << (previous) and >> (next) buttons located beneath the Mission thumbnails at either side of the screen.

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