How do I change the difficulty levels of the tasks in SpyClass?

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2015 05:34PM AEST
You can set the difficulty level of an interactive maths tasks learning object to bronze, silver (the default difficulty level) or gold.
To change the difficulty level of the interactive maths tasks, enter the mission from the MISSIONS tab.

The interactive maths tasks learning objects can be identified by the red dots above the thumbnail images at the bottom of the screen; navigating to these pages will activate the SpyPhone (button at top centre of the screen), causing it to ring.

Select the SpyPhone button to answer the SpyPhone and access the learning object.

The difficulty level is indicated by the three medals in the bottom left corner of the screen. When you initially access a learning object, the difficulty level will default to silver (indicated by a green outline around the medal).

To change the difficulty level, select either the bronze (easier) or the gold (harder) levels.

Within a learning object, when you complete a maths task correctly and proceed to the next task, the system will default to the same difficulty level as the previous task.

Please note: Some missions only have one difficulty level (Gold); the bronze and silver levels will be greyed out.

The missions that only have one (Gold) level are:

SpyClass 7 Operation OTMA
  • Mission 01: Training: The Estate (Topic: Numeracy)
  • Mission 11: Roma hospitality (Topic: Problem solving I)
  • Mission 19: Homecoming (Topic: Problem solving II)

SpyClass 8 Icarus Principle
  • Mission 01: Training: The Estate (Topic: Numeracy)
  • Mission 09: An Audience with the Prince (Topic: Problem solving I)
  • Mission 16: Epilogue (Topic: Problem solving II)

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