How do I open/resume or delete an assessment in assessON?

Last Updated: Aug 21, 2017 12:52PM AEST

To open a self-created or teacher-assigned assessment:


  1. Go to and log in with your JacPLUS username and password.

  2. Open your assessON title by selecting it from your JacPLUS bookshelf.  

    If you have not yet connected to your teacher, please read the following article: How do I connect to my teachers in assessON? 

  3. Select My assessments located to the right of Teacher connect on the top menu bar.

  4. Select the Current tab to view your current assessments.

    Please note: When assessments are created, they are saved in either the Assigned by (teacher’s name) category (for teacher-assigned assessments) or Created by me category (for self-created assessments) of the Current tab and are listed in order of assignment or creation date.

  5. Locate the relevant assessment by selecting the arrow toggle at the left of the Assigned by (teacher’s name) or Created by me category to expand the assessment list for that category.

  6. Select the arrow toggle at the left of the relevant assessment to reveal the assessment details and the Actions button for that assessment.

  7. Select the Actions button to display the available actions for that assessment.

    1. Select Begin to start a new assessment.

    2. Select Resume to continue an incomplete and/or unsubmitted assessment.

    3. On Created by me assessment listings, select Delete to delete an assessment.

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