How do I create a new assessment in assessON?

Last Updated: Apr 01, 2016 04:57PM AEST
To supplement your learning and studying, you can create and complete your own assessments within assessON.

To create a new assessment:

  1. Go to and log in with your JacPLUS username and password.

  2. Open your assessON digital product title by selecting it from your JacPLUS bookshelf.

  3. On the assessON Welcome screen, select the Get started button located at the bottom of the Go to assessON panel at the right of the screen. Please note: If you are already connected to a teacher for this particular assessON title, it will load the Create assessments tab on the My assessments screen.

  4. Alternatively, on the My assessments screen, you can access the Create assessments tab from the Current assessments or Completed assessments tabs by selecting the Create assessment button.

  5. On the Create assessments tab, select the button relevant to the assessment type you wish to create. For example, select the Readiness button at the left of the screen to create a Readiness assessment. Selecting an Assessment type will load the Select assessments screen.

  6. On the Select assessments screen, select the topic (chapter) you want to assess by selecting the topic name.

    • For a Progress test or Achievement Topic test, you need to exclude the subtopic(s) (section(s)) you do not want to assess. To exclude a subtopic, select the check box next to the subtopic name.

    • For an Achievement Exam, select the check box next to the subtopic name(s). More than one topic can be assessed in an exam. When you have finished selecting subtopics, you can select a new topic.

    • A subtopic cannot be de-selected for exclusion from a Readiness or NAPLAN assessment.

    • One or more subtopics may be greyed out, indicating there are no questions available for the topic and hence the topic cannot be selected.

  7. Select Next to start the assessment creation process.

  8. When the Assessment details pop-up window appears, check and adjust the assessment details.

  9. Select Begin Assessment to start your assessment.

  10. You can cancel the assessment creation process by selecting X to exit the assessment creator and discard all unsaved data.

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