How do I answer and navigate questions online in studyON?

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2016 09:19AM AEST

In order to aid exam preparation by providing feedback on your progress, Practice questions and Sit exam assessments can be answered and marked online. Once you have begun your assessment, your questions will be displayed as one question per page, with multi-part questions appearing on a single scrollable page.

For each question:

  1. The total marks available are displayed below the question.

  2. Navigate between questions by selecting Next question at the end of each question OR…

  3. Select Flag question for review to remind yourself to go back to a question and review your response.

  4. Within the question navigation strip:

    a) answered questions will display as faded boxes
    b) questions that have been flagged for review will be outlined with a red box
    c) the displayed active question will be indicated by a solid blue box
    d) unanswered questions will be outlined with a blue box.

  5. When you have finished answering questions within the assessment, select Submit for marking.

Once you have submitted your online Practice questions or Sit exam assessment, your responses will be marked. Correctly answered questions will be marked green; incorrect answers will be marked red and the correct answer will be shown below the question.
For more information about marking questions online, please click here.

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