Knowledge Quest

What is included in an Extended mode quest in Knowledge Quest?

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2016 02:36PM AEST
A quest within Knowledge Quest, Extended mode consists of several components that have been designed to test and teach the player.

Each Extended mode quest consists of the following core elements:

Concept screen and video tutorial
The concept screen provides a quick reference or overview of the concept being addressed in the current quest. An animated video tutorial is available to explain the concept in more depth, with additional examples of usage.

Environmental challenges
Environmental challenges are found throughout Extended mode quests. These challenges test English knowledge as well as the player’s ability to move and jump. Environmental challenges are always set at the easiest level of difficulty.

Text-based interactives
Text-based training activities are delivered through the KIBU (Knowledge Intelligence Base Unit). These activities increase in difficulty and generally test knowledge of the concept by applying it in sentences and paragraphs.

A series of monsters challenge the player throughout the quest. The number of monsters that the player must defeat is presented as part of the level’s objectives.

Skillmastery test
Once the player has met their objectives, they are presented with a NAPLAN-style Skillmastery test. This test consists of six multiple-choice questions of varying levels of difficulty: two easy, two medium, and two of hard difficulty level. The player must complete this test to prove their Skillmastery and finish the quest.

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