Knowledge Quest

What is included in a Quickplay mode quest in Knowledge Quest?

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2018 10:57AM AEST
A quest within Knowledge Quest, Quickplay mode consists of several components that have been designed to test and teach the player.

Once a quest has been selected in Quickplay mode: 

  1. The player is shown a concept screen that provides a quick overview of the selected concept, including basic examples and key information.

  2. Upon progressing, the player is challenged with three monster duels that escalate in their level of difficulty. The player must win all three duels and attempt both interactives in order to progress to the final Skillmastery quiz.

    If the player fails to defeat the monster in any duel, they are given the option of watching a video tutorial that explains the current concept in further detail.

  3. Once the player has defeated all three monsters, they must complete a NAPLAN-style Skillmastery test in order to finish their current quest. Skillmastery consists of six multiple-choice questions of varying levels of difficulty: two easy, two medium, and two of hard difficulty level. The player’s test score affects their allocated points and the trophy they are awarded for the quest.


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