How do I connect to my teacher?

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2018 11:27AM AEST

Teacher Connect is a feature that allows students to connect their digital product to their teacher's Teacher Edition. This connection shares student progress and results between products and when available, gives teachers the ability to assign activities and content to their connected students and groups. 

Digital products that include a Teacher Connect feature include assessON, Knowledge Quest, myWorld Atlas, myWorld History Atlas and studyON.

To connect to your teacher's learnON class, please follow the method located in this article

In order for a student to connect to their teacher, it is essential that:

  • They know their teacher’s JacPLUS email address.
  • Their teacher has created a JacPLUS account.
  • Their teacher has registered the corresponding Teacher Edition for each digital product.

To connect a student to a teacher:

  1. Select the digital product from your jacPLUS bookshelf.

  2. Locate and select the Teacher Connect option.

    The location of the Teacher Connect button for each digital product is listed at the bottom of this article.

  3. Check that your personal details found in the user details box are correct - you can enter your student number if required by your teacher. Click on the Update my details button to save any changes.

  4. Enter your teacher’s email address.
    Note: This must be the address that your teacher has used with their JacPLUS account.

  5. Select Connect to my teacher to confirm the connection.

  6. When you successfully connect to your teacher, their name will appear in the list at the bottom-right.

If you cannot connect to your teacher, you will receive an error message stating ‘Teacher not found’. This message could be associated with several different problems, including:
  • An incorrect email address for the teacher has been used.
  • The teacher has not yet created a JacPLUS account.
  • The teacher has created a JacPLUS account but has not yet registered the teacher version of the digital product (they do not have the corresponding Teacher Edition in their bookshelf).


assessON Teacher Connect:

Knowledge Quest Teacher Connect:

myWorld Atlas & myWorld History Atlas Teacher Connect: 

studyON Teacher Connect:

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