Knowledge Quest

How do I select a Quest level from the Quest map in Knowledge Quest?

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2016 02:39PM AEST
The Quest map is the central hub used to navigate between and embark on new quests.

For Extended mode:

Within the City in the Clouds, you can access the Quest map by using the MAP signs or the Teleporter


For Quickplay mode:


Within the Quest map, quests are categorised in the following hierarchy level: Module > Topic > Concept (quest). For example, the Common nouns quest location would be Grammar > Nouns > Common nouns quest.

Where applicable, the text menu as well as the Quest map landforms can be selected to navigate to your desired quest location.

To select a Quest:


Please note: Reading Comprehension is not available through Quickplay mode.






  1. You can access the Quest map by walking up to a MAP sign and pressing CTRL.

  2. Alternatively, open the Quest map using the Teleporter by pressing T on your keyboard, then, using the up and down arrow keys, select Map and press CTRL.

  3. You can access the Quest map by selecting the MAP option at the top right-hand corner of most screens.

  4. Select the Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Vocabulary or Reading Comprehension module to explore available topics.

  5. Select a topic to explore available concepts.

  6. Select a concept to choose a quest.

  7. To begin your quest in Extended mode, select LAUNCH QUEST.

    In Quickplay mode, select;CONTINUE.


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