How do I find content on my eBookPLUS?

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2015 04:50PM AEST
There are different ways to navigate eBookPLUS; navigating by chapter is one of the most popular methods used.

To navigate your eBookPLUS by chapter:

  1. Log in to your JacPLUS account using your username and password.

  2. Select an eBookPLUS from your bookshelf.

  3. Open the Table of Contents panel on the left side of your screen by selecting the tag attached to the panel; the panel tag acts as a toggle that can be selected again to close the Table of Contents panel.

  4. You can navigate between chapters/sections by selecting the Chapter headings from the Table of Contents panel;

  5. Note: by default, selecting a chapter from this list will open the Table of Contents sub-chapter list and display the Chapter Opener content in the Content frame. The Content frame will instantly update to display each sub-chapter that you select.

    To return to the Table of Contents Chapter List, select the Chapters button on the left side of the top menu bar.

eBook interface & feature overview:


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