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Last Updated: Jan 15, 2019 04:35PM AEST

When implementing Jacaranda’s digital resources within your school network, Jacaranda recommends adding various domains into your firewall and/or proxy Whitelist. Here are a few commonly asked questions regarding what is a Whitelist and why.

What is a whitelist?

Firewalls and proxy servers use a whitelist where access to certain addresses and websites are required, but everything else is to be blocked. If the page or website does not appear on the whitelist, the communication is rejected. Whitelisting is used by security professionals to help prevent malware on networks, control bandwidth misuse and prevent access to inappropriate websites. Next-generation firewalls have made creating a whitelist more specific so policies about what is allowed are easier.

Whitelisting is more secure posture than blacklisting, where only listed domains and addresses are blocked but everything else allowed.

Why whitelist?

Whitelisting is very important within organisations such as schools where often, access to the internet must be monitored or restricted by use of a proxy or firewall. Sometimes, teachers can find a wealth of fantastic online resources that they would like to use in class but that may also be restricted by the schools’ internet proxy or firewall. In order to grant access, an IT administrator can simply add the website to the whitelist. This ensures access to valuable online resources while still retaining the security of the school internet network. However, without ensuring that all your commonly used websites are added to the whitelist, it may mean that a lot of online resources or applications, such as Jacaranda products are blocked by the schools proxy or firewall.

What are the Jacaranda websites that I should whitelist?

Please contact us at for a comprehensive list of Jacaranda and supporting 3rd party domains to whitelist.

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