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Important news for Internet Explorer users

Last Updated: Apr 01, 2016 11:30AM AEST

Do you use Internet Explorer version 6, 7 or 8 to access your jacPLUS account?

From January 2014, you will need to upgrade your browser to Internet Explorer version 9 (IE10 for learnON titles) to successfully view your jacPLUS eBooks.  You are viewing this page because you are using Internet Explorer 8 or below and need to update your browser to version 9 (IE10 for learnON titles) or above. 

As of January 2014, Internet Explorer 9 will be the minimum system requirement for IE users to access their jacPLUS titles. 

Please note: Google has announced that they will no longer be supporting the Google Chrome Plug-In from 14 January 2014. This means that Jacaranda customers who use Internet Explorer version 6,7 and 8 and have installed the Google Chrome Plug-In may find that they cannot view their eBooks correctly after 14 January. For this reason, our minimum requirements have been raised to IE9 (IE10 for learnON titles).

Alternatively, you can access your eBookPLUS titles from another web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc.​

Background on this issue

Google recently announced that they will no longer be supporting the Google Chrome Plug-In from January 2014. This will impact our Jacaranda customers who use Internet Explorer version 6,7 and 8 and installed the Google Chrome Plug-In. Read further information about this directly from Google, here

Why was Jacaranda prompting Internet Explorer users to install this Plug-In?

Jacaranda eBooks and other digital products have been developed using HTML5, which is the latest web standard. As a result, legacy browsers struggle to correctly display HTML5. The Google Chrome Plug-In was developed by Google to enabled users with legacy browsers to view modern websites and materials.

When the Google Chrome Plug-In is unsupported in January, what does this mean?

Customers using Internet Explorer versions 6,7, and 8 may no longer be able to view their eBooks. Once the Google Chrome Plug-In is unsupported by Google in January 2014, Jacaranda will also no longer be able to support Internet Explorer 6,7 or 8 users. The new minimum system requirement for Internet Explorer browsers for jacPLUS will be raised to Internet Explorer version 9.

What can I do now, so that I can see my eBooks in 2014?

  • Update your version of Internet Explorer to either version 9 or version 10.
  • Use an alternate internet browser such as Mozilla FireFox or the Google Chrome browser.
  • If the above options are not available to you, and you use Windows 98 or XP, firstly consider upgrading your operating system and then ensure that you are using, at a minimum, Internet Explorer 9.
  • If you are a Teacher and use a school computer/device, you will need to speak to the IT Administrator or IT Department that services your school to discuss your options. Jacaranda has estimated that this may largely affect Government Schools; however, most Education Departments in the different States or individual schools have started implementing the roll-out of IE9 or the Mozilla FireFox browser to be installed on school equipment.


What if my operating system won’t let me upgrade to Internet Explorer version 9?

Customers that are using the Windows XP, or Windows 98 operating systems may find that these systems cannot be upgraded past Internet Explorer version 8. Customers using these operating systems may need to upgrade to the next operating system, before they can upgrade their browser to the current version. Microsoft’s system requirements to upgrade to IE9 can be found here

Is there a cost to upgrade my browser?

No. It is free to upgrade your browser. If however, you need to upgrade your operating system, that may incur a cost. Schools may also have other applications and Learning Management Systems that either rely on the older operating systems or are configured for the older Internet Explorer versions. Any dependencies will need to be evaluated, along with any contractual agreements with Microsoft, before any upgrades are applied.

For further information:

Jacaranda’s Customer Support Team: Email: or Ph: 1800 JACPLUS (522 7587).
Schools: Please speak to your IT Administrator/eLearning Coordinator to discuss your school’s options.

State Government Schools
Jacaranda has been in contact with the Education Department in each State and Territory advising them of this issue.  Below is a short summary of the advice we have received back from each Department, regarding the use of web browsers in your state.

The Information & Technologies Branch have advised that the current MOE does support IE9. If there are any Queensland State Government Schools that require IE9, an upgrade can be arranged upon request.

New South Wales
The Chief Information Officer has advised that all NSW Primary Schools have been upgraded to IE9 and should not be affected by this issue. A Program is in place to upgrade the browsers used by NSW Secondary Schools during 2014. Any NSW Schools requiring a browser upgrade should contact their School's IT Service Desk.

South Australia
The Chief Education Officer has advised that the Department does not mandate the resources used in Schools.

Western Australia
The Strategic Service Delivery unit has advised that Mozilla Firefox can be used in Schools if required. However, no support will be available from the Department for applications used over this browser. Jacaranda is happy to support Firefox users, using jacPLUS. All WA Schools experiencing issues with jacPLUS via Firefox are encouraged to contact our Customer Support team.

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