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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2017 10:06AM AEST

Jacaranda is committed to providing our users with fast and reliable access to our online sites and applications via JacPLUS. We are constantly improving our sites and applications in order to continue offering our users with an optimal experience. This page will be updated with information on our upgrades, service performance and interruptions.

Update 21/03/17

In early February, Adobe Flash Player was disabled by default by Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari. If the user accesses a site that uses Adobe Flash, they will be given the option to enable the Adobe Flash plugin for that site. The user can also choose to enable the plugin as d efault on their browser across all sites via their plugin settings.

To enable Adobe Flash on Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera, follow these instructions.
To enable Adobe Flash on Safari, follow these instructions.

Three Jacaranda applications use Adobe Flash, myWorld Atlas, myWorld History Atlas, and Knowledge Quest (Extended Mode). All laptop device users that access these applications will need to enable Flash manually on these two sites. Please follow these instructions.

Update 11/05/16

On Wednesday, May 4, JacarandaPLUS was disrupted as the result of an unauthorized party accessing customer data in the administrative area of the platform. The party did not gain access to any financial information, credit card data or information related to customer orders or payments but usernames and passwords were compromised. As a result, all access to the administrative area was immediately suspended, and the passwords of all jacPLUS accounts that were affected were reset. Our customers continue to have undisturbed access to the entire JacarandaPLUS platform and no other Wiley platforms are impacted. We have contacted all affected customers involved to inform them of the issue and have notified the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. All affected customers will also be asked to reset their password again to one of their choice when they next log in to JacPLUS.

Update 04/05/16

JacPLUS Security Upgrade 

We are currently completing a security upgrade of JacPLUS. To help with this, we require you to please change your password.
If your school has a pre-chosen password, please go ahead and change your password, so that you have immediate access, and Jacaranda will work with your IT Manager to re-set your school’s chosen password.
If you require further support, please contact 1800 JACPLUS (522 758) or

Update 28/04/16

** Please note: As of 12:45pm all applications are online and available to all customers **

JacPLUS Outage Notification 
All Jacaranda applications went offline between 11:40am and 12:45 pm due to a database centre hardware issue. 
During an outage, we recommend for customers to default to our PDFs for our eBookPLUS titles. If you had not previously downloaded this, please contact with the name of the title that you need access to and our support centre will provide you with a link. 

 Please know that Jacaranda experienced a 99.89% up time rating in 2015 (over all hours). Stability of our platforms is of the utmost importance and an outage like this is a rare event.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused. 
Kind Regards
The Jacaranda Support Team


Update 18/08/14

Wiley Shopping cart purchasing

On August 22, Wiley's Australian Distribution Centre will be undergoing operational changes, which will affect our online shopping cart. From this date until September 1, 2014, no physical products will be despatched.

Customer Service will accept orders until close of business on August 19. The orders received and processed by that time will be despatched on August 20 and 21. Order processing and despatch will recommence on September 1, 2014.  Customers can continue to place their orders in the normal fashion after this date, as contact details for Customer Service will not change.

The shopping carts on the following websites will be closed from August 21 until September 1, 2014:


​The shopping carts will resume operating as normal from September 1, 2014.

For customers with urgent purchasing requirements for Jacaranda titles, we would encourage you to purchase through your local bookseller or school bookshop. Institutions and Faculty who need to urgently purchase resources during this time should email with their requirements.


Update 16/10/13

JacPLUS upgrades

One of the customer facing changes in this release is the visual change in the Captcha text (seen in the password reminder area) to make it more readable and easy to use from a user's perspective. This includes: Increased font size and boldness for better readability; spaces between letters will be removed; and the same font style will be used for both the Captcha text and the text entered by user, making it easier to use.


Update 01/10/13

Knowledge Quest upgrades

  • A fix for broken Add (+) button on setup panel of Teacher Edition. This fix will allow teachers to send reminder emails to students.
  • A better navigation for logout or go to bookshelf from Student edition.

JacPLUS upgrades

  • A solution will be applied to correct the display of eBooks on iPads that have been upgraded to iOS7.
  • Teacher eGuides that display the RENEW button will now be prompted to contact their Jacaranda Sales Representative once the eGuide reaches expiry.
  • A solution will be applied to the titles where customers experienced a 'timeout error' whilst using their eBooks or eGuides.
  • JacPLUS Accounts can now be created by Parents of students.
  • JacPLUS titles that were unable to save notes, will have a solution applied to restore this feature.


Update 22/08/13

It has been reported to the Jacaranda team that some customers are being denied access to their eBooks. If you are experiencing issues accessing your eBook or eGuide we are able to provide you with an offline copy of the full book PDF in the meantime. We are also able to provide you with offline copies of any resources you may need. Please email with your full name, your JacPLUS username and the eBook title and/or resource (including chapter) that you need access to. Without this exact information we will not be able to respond quickly to your request. We estimate that access will be completely restored in approximately 2 hours (12:28 pm AEST, Thursday 22nd August, 2013). As we implement the fix some customers may experience being booted out of their eBook. If this happens, please just log back in. After this time, if you still continue to experience access issues, please try clearing your cache. Thank for your patience.​

Update 15/08/13

Yesterday, JacPLUS experienced a major outage that lasted for just over 8 hours. In the past 6 months, JacPLUS recorded an uptime of 99.88%. This is an industry standard form of measuring our stability that we have adopted. In contrast, yesterday’s outage was a very isolated incident. The root cause was due to faulty infrastructure at the data centre of our host provider which was replaced overnight. Our host provider is a trusted company that is also host provider to many other large companies around Australia.

Jacaranda concentrated our efforts last night in implementing the best communication strategy for our customers. We also made sure all our applications and sites were tested and stable in preparation to our restoration to Live.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience that many of you may have experienced. If you believe that you are still not able to access our sites, please try clearing your cache in order to connect to the most up to date version of our website.

We value your ongoing feedback and encourage you to touch base with us if you have any questions. Please feel free to email us on

Update 11/07/13

Knowledge Quest upgrades

  • Addition of a 'SELECT LEVEL' button in the top navigation bar. The 'SELECT LEVEL' feature allows users to save time by jumping directly to a level without having to navigate through the City in the Clouds or the Pod Station within the KQ game. More...
  • Addition of full school name rollover in Leaderboard. As some longer school names appear cut-off in the Leaderboard, the entire school name will now appear when you hover your mouse over the entry.

Update 03/07/13

AssessON upgrades

  • When teacher create and or edit a group name, there will be no system restrictions with their choice of group name/s
  • When teachers assign an assessment to a student and an email notification is sent, students will now receive a more detailed email about the assigned assessment with a link direct to the assessment
  • When teachers assign an assessment to a student, in the students Current Assessment tab, they will now be able to see the date and time of when they were assigned the assessment as well as the date and time of when the assessment is due

Update 18/06/13

JacPLUS upgrades

  • JacPLUS users will see a confirmation screen after they complete the ‘Create new account’ form. The new confirmation screen will display the chosen Username and Password for review and confirmation by the user before proceeding to the bookshelf. The confirmation screen will allow users to print their login credentials for their own record allowing users to refer to the printout in case of forgotten login details. Users will also be able to verify that they have typed in their login details correctly.
  • Users wanting to access the Knowledge Quest game or Teacher Edition will now see a "Please wait..." message as a layover screen over their bookshelf. The message disappears as soon as students or teachers successfully access the Knowledge Quest site. This message will better inform users that the game is active and loading and will further minimise access errors caused by clicking on the title multiple times. 
  • Users will now be able to print out all their chapter notes from their eBooks using their internet browsers’ print option.

Update 03/06/13

AssessON Upgrades

  • AssessON will now display correctly sequenced topics in accordance with the table of contents for the companion Maths Quest or Science Quest AC series text books.
  • When creating an assessment, the enhanced topic selection procedure will address persisting checkbox selection issues.
  • Teachers can now delete any assessments during assignment and after completion at any time.
  • Teachers will NOT be able to share assessments or view one another’s results unless they connect with each other (existing connections in current assessON version will not be disrupted).
  • Teachers will now be notified when a fellow colleague attempts to connect to them and can either accept or reject the connection.
  • Teachers experiencing difficulty with tracking shared assessments can now view their sent and received assessments in newly added separated sections in the Shared Assessments tab; Received from’ and ‘Sent to’.
  • Refinement of system options available to the teacher when assigning an assessment including Auto Submit, Do not allow late submission, Allow late submission. More...

Update 13/05/13

JacPLUS Bookshelf upgrades

  • Account set-up confirmation screen improvement
  • Incorrect username notification update

Update 13/03/13
JacPLUS eBook upgrades

  • Html5 interactives can now be launched not only through the resource panel to the left of your eBook, but also through the in-text ‘eBookPLUS’ links (just look for the eBookPLUS logo within your text)
  • Lighter text used to list teacher resources to improve readability
  • Multiple notes can now be kept open at the same time

Update 12/03/12
During our recent peak period we experienced some temporary slowness of JacPLUS applications due to high concurrent load on occasion. During these periods (listed specifically here), users that logged on may have found an application slow to load or received an ‘extreme load’ message. Users that were already logged in to a jacPLUS application would not have experienced any problem with the application.

If you experienced this problem outside of the specific times and days listed here, the error message may have ‘cached’ in your browser or in your school’s proxy server. A ‘cached’ page can store the error page as if it is a live version of a site page, even though a site may be actually be running well. This can be remedied by clearing your cache.

We sincerely apologise for these short disruptions to the jacPLUS service. We understand that reliable performance of jacPLUS applications is essential to your teaching, and to your students’ learning, and have reacted with technology improvements (additional servers, rewritten code, doubling the bandwidth of our pipe) to iron out these glitches. We have not experienced any further problems since deploying these improvements, but, as always, will stay vigilant for any new issues or potential for improvements.
To ensure that you and your school are always aware of any issues that may arise, we will update this page with specific information relating to any disruption to the jacPLUS service. We value your ongoing feedback and encourage you to touch base with us if you have any questions. Please feel free to email us on or call us on 1800 JACPLUS (522 7587).


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